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Naomi McDougall Jones

Naomi McDougall Jones is an 11-time award-winning writer, actress, producer, and women in film activist based in New York City.

Naomi wrote, produced, and starred in the award-winning feature film, Imagine I’m Beautiful, which took home 12 awards on the film festival circuit, including four Best Picture Awards and, for Naomi, three Best Actress Awards and “The Don Award” for Best Independently Produced Screenplay of 2014. The film was named as #8 of OscarWorld’s Top 10 Films of 2014 and received a 12-city theatrical release. Imagine I’m Beautiful is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay (

Naomi’s next film, Bite Me, a subversive romantic comedy about a real-life vampire and the IRS agent who audits her, is going into production in Spring 2017 with producers Jack Lechner (Blue Valentine, The Fog of War, former executive with Mirimax and HBO) and Jonathan Bronfman (The Witch) and will be directed by up-and-coming Canadian filmmaker, Hannah Cheesman (

Naomi was a writer for season 1 of Amazon’s original series, The New Yorker Presents, based on the world’s most award-winning magazine, which premiered at Sundance 2016, for which she wrote the teleplay adaptation of Miranda July’s short story Roy Spivey.

Her original TV pilot, The Dark Pieces, was placed on the 2016 WriteHer List, an annual announcement of the top 16 unproduced pilots by female screenwriters, and was additionally a featured script on The Black List.

Naomi has been a vocal advocate for bringing gender parity to film, both on and off screen. She has spoken and film festivals and conferences around the world and written extensively on the subject for such publications as Indiewire, MovieScope Mag, and blogging for The Huffington Post. In November 2016, Naomi will be giving a TEDTalk on how the solution to the lack of gender parity in cinema actually lies in all our hands.

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When The 51 Fund launches publicly later this year, it will offer investors the chance to participate in the film industry while making a significant social impact by playing a key part in bringing gender equality to cinema.

The 51 Fund will provide an usual level of risk diversification by investing in a diverse pool of assets.

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Once The 51 Fund launches publicly later this year, filmmakers will be able to apply for financing for films written, directed, and produced by women in the $1-5 million budget range. The 51 Fund will bring added value to these investments by helping connect selected filmmakers with mentors and resources for marketing and distributing their films. The 51 Fund will additionally offer a new ecosystem in which each generation of female filmmakers becomes responsible for ushering in and elevating the generation below them.

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